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Welcome to the G.I.L.C. investment community!

Thank you for your payment on {charge-date} for “{form-title}”.

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You have successfully purchased a service package ‘Showcase a Deck to Investors’. This package is valid for 30 days. It will be activated in 24 hours. To use all the benefits of this package you need to have a registered account on . If you do not have one yet, you can register it now. Once you have a registered account then you can publish your investment project within the framework of this package.


In order to publish your deck go to a ‘My account’ section, and press on ‘Add new project’.

After the publication, your deck will be visible to all investors in the G.I.L.C. community as well as to the visitors of the website during the term of the validity of the purchased package. 

ATTENTION! Make sure that the email you used when making a payment corresponds to the email used during the registration of your account on .

After reviewing your deck on the website and getting the initial interest in it, investors can send you an invitation to a one-to-one meeting at one of the open-door gatherings of the G.I.L.C. community. Receiving such kind of an invite from an investor means that you will receive a complimentary invitation to the upcoming club gathering, where you will be able to conduct a one-to-one meeting with the investor.

Invitations from investors can be found in “My requests” section.

To learn more about other fundraising options explore

If you need help feel free to address a club assistant via 


G.I.L.C. team